Saturday, March 31, 2012


The past month has been anything but rewarding for Malaysian Hockey Confederation president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

From the failure of the national team to make it to the London Olympics to the sudden departure of his General Secretary, Tengku Abdullah seems tp have taken the bull by its horns.

Rather than sulk, he has promised sweeping changes, ranging from domestic competitions, bringing in more experts into MHC and sending players on attachment overseas.

But talking about sending players on attachment has been all talk, since the time of Tan Sri Anwar itself as it became a joke when two players were sent back from Australia last year for playing in the AHL without a valid working permit.

Restructuring MHC was to happen after the Executive Board meeting held on February 11, where 4 new administrative personalities were to be added to the MHC office, but nothing materialised.

Watch the video as he attempts to steer the MHC ship with all the tribulations.