Saturday, March 10, 2012


The national team begins their quest to make it to the 2012 London Olympics via the Qualifiers that commence in Dublin on Saturday.

And they will be up against Chile in the first match which will set the tone for the rest of the matches. A good win will give them the morale booster while any other result could lead to all kind of speculations.

What is important is three points on the board, no matter if it is achieved via a deflection by a defender, akin to an own goal. For a month from now no one will even ask what was the score of our matches as long as the team makes it to London.

To be honest not even how the play in the match matters as all that is important is getting to a winning start. But if the match ends in a draw, nothing is lost either, for even defeated we can still make it to the Olympics.

The FIH on their website have highlighted the fact that Malaysia lost their last friendly to lowly Wales. But what these FIH people who sit behind their desks do not know is that Malaysia has a problem playing with low ranked teams.

How is it that FIH failed to highlight that Malaysia had defeated both Australia and Holland within days early last month?

Coming back to the team, it has to be wary of the weather, as this is our biggest opponent, other then our inconsistency.

So the team will begin its battle on a wing and prayer and the hopes and aspirations of the country lie on the shoulders of Koshy's boys.

Lets hope for the best.