Thursday, March 15, 2012


The honeymoon period is over for the national team at the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin after notching three wins in as many matches.

For on Thursday the battle commences, one that will determine the difference between men and boys, the difference of getting there or just merely being there and more importantly if the team has the desire to quest the hunger of making it to the Olympics after a hiatus of 12 years.

Malaysia takes on Korea on Thursday and Ireland on Saturday, fully aware that three points from either of these two matches will put them into the final on Sunday, where the winner grabs to coveted prize of getting to London 2012.

A win against Korea will kill two birds with one stone - for not only will Malaysia make it to the final, but can afford to pick their opponents for Sunday's final. And a defaet for Korea virtually puts them out of running for the final, unless Malaysia decides that they rather play Korea then Ireland in Sunday's final.

The royal entourage of Tengku Mahkota Pahang is in town and he dropped by the national team hotel to speak to the players, and though not all would say it in as many words, suffice to say that he promised the players rewards if the defeat Korea.

While the TM has his own opinion and style of motivating the players, veteran player Azlan Misron wants his team mates to give it their all in the final three matches.