Monday, December 31, 2012


In what can only be labeled as startling and a sheer abuse of power, it can be revealed now that a letter from SSTMI to field a girls team from the school was addressed to a Senior Vice President on MHC and not through the MHC Secretary.

And the entry form was not endorsed by Bahagian Sukan of the Ministry of Education thus raising concerns so as to why the team was listed by MHC in their micro website in the first place.

And it gets even murkier as the said official then tried to convince members of the MHC Competitions Committee to accept the entry via an email to the members.

Let us take a step back into 2011 and revisit the participation of a team called MWHA-SSBP in the MJHL that year.

Matri, a team from Perlis refused to play against the MWHA-SSBP team on religious grounds and that resulted into Matri being thrown out of the league, fined RM500 and banned for a year.

Is MHC willing to risk such a situation to satisfy the ego of one personality?

Several clubs and states contacted by this blog voiced their dis-satisfaction over the decision.

Looking at it from a develioment perspective, putting aside religious sentiments, it will be good for hockey but it will be better if there was a womens junior hockey league that I had advocated to this personality years ago.

Shifting goal posts in the midst of a match is something MHC should never do as it will be unfair to womens teams from states or clubs had this been made known earlier.

While it is left to be seen what MHC will do on this issue, they should investigate asvto why SSTMI was misled into addressing the letter to the said official; why was the entry accepted and listed on their official website and why the need to coerce the members of the Competitions Committee?

It is necessary for MHC to put their house in order,  not allow individuals to overstep their boundaries and above all protect the intergrity of MHC from being continously being dragged into the mud week in and week out.