Saturday, October 20, 2012


The wait for tea was timed at 37 minutes, longer then the 27 minutes spent on the Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation at Kuantan this afternoon.

It was somewhat a luke warm response, with some affiliates sending just one delegate and Kuala Lumpur was not represented, despite having submitted a resolution but withdrew it at the 11th hour.

Several times during the 27 minutes of the AGM, the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah gave the delegates a chance to speak out. But none did and hopefully none will now claim that democracy is not alive in MHC.

Tengku Abdullah even adjourned the meeting and then invited anyone from the floor to present their views, but once again many just bit their lips. 

The President had much to say at the Press Conference but unfortunately only this blogger as well as TV3 and RTM were present. And at the AGM, Tengku Abdullah issued warnings, spoke about critics and the failure of the administrative section and sub-committees.

But I will post the happenings later tonight as rightfully I am giving MHC the opportunity to put it up on their website and serve the media industry.

Thus its a notion that the states should practice, speak now or forever hold your peace.