Thursday, October 18, 2012



FORMER kingpins Negri Sembilan stunned defending champions Kuala Lumpur 2-0 to qualify for the100PLUS Razak Cup Division One semi-finals at the expense of Perak.

KL, who had already qualified for the last four as Group A champions, took it easy and paid the price as Negri scored the two goals they needed to pip the 1992 champions on goal difference.

Negri and Perak finished with four points each. Negri scored five and conceded five while Perak have a goal difference of negative three after scoring seven and conceding 10.

KL finished with six points while Armed Forces finished last with two points.

Perak only have themselves to blame as they allowed Forces to comeback from a 3-1 deficit to draw 3-3 in the morning match.

Perak took the lead through Muhammad Hafiq Samsul in the seventh minute only for the Army side to equalise in the 13th minute through Zaini Sarip.

Hafifi Hafiz and Amir Farid then gave Perak a comfortable lead with goals in the 25th and 30th minutes.

But Armed Forces secured a point when Moohd Norhafizie Jamal Azomi and Mohd Rahimie Abd Razak scored in the 36th and 59th minutes repectively.

“We have ourselves to blame for giving away the game so easily,” lamented Perak manager M. Selvakumar. “We have four experienced players (Azlan Misron, Ismail Abu, Hafifi Hafiz, Amir Farid) and the other are still young. We lacked experience at vital points of the match.”

Division 1 (Group A)
Perak 3 (Muhammad Hafiq Samsul 7th, Hafifi Hafiz 25th, Amir Farid 30th)
Armed Forces 3 (Zaini Sarip 13th, Mohd Norhafizie Jamal Azomi 36th, Mohd Rahimie Abd Razak 59th)

Negri Sembilan 2
Kuala Lumpur 0

Division Two
Malacca 8 (Ahmad Anuar Sham Kamar 22nd, 25th, 68th, Dedy Ariadi Jumaidi 29th, 30th, Amirullah Zainol 46th pen, 57th pen, Namasivayam A/L Batma Nathan 47th)
Kedah 0

Sabah 4 (Mawardi Hamirin 15th, Nor Shafiq Sumatri 23rd, Mohd Shazwi Rani 29th, Dick Chewy Waili 40th)
Kelantan 0

Perlis 3
Police 3



Division One (Group B)
Pahang vs Joho (7.30pm)
Penang vs Terengganu (7.30pm)

Division Two

Malacca vs Selangor (8am)
Kedah vs Police (8am)
Perlis vs Kelantan (5pm)