Saturday, October 13, 2012


Having just got off the phone with three hockey journalists, I can only conclude that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation could not care less about the 50th Tun Abdul Razak Cup that commences in Kuantan tomorrow ( Sunday October 14).

For the journalists have not been provided with the fixtures of the tournament despite one of them even going to the extent of making a call to a top MHC official requesting for a copy.

Perhaps they are too engrossed in finding ways and means in trying to stop this blog from providing news on the Tun Razak Cup, which I believe is probably the longest lasting hockey tournament in the world.

Imagine if the MHC cannot even do simple things as providing information for media as so far as a domestic tournament is concerned, then how will they manage the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Congress that Malaysia is to host early November?

It is sad that scant respect is being paid to a Premier tourney that is held annually in honour of our second Prime Minister who is the father of the current Prime Minister.

Thousands will be spent for the MHC AGM in Kuantan on October 20, and you can bet on it that all will be there in their best clothing, in trying to impress HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah the President of MHC.

But where were these personalities, the principal office bearers number a total of 22, and the breakdown is as follows: President, Deputy President , 2 Senior Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Asst Secretary and Asst Treasurer, 4 Independent Members during the Malaysian Hockey League?

The only ones that were there were the Secretary, his Assistant, Senior VP S.Shamala.

Senior Vice President Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad, Vice Presidents K.Maheswari and M. Gobinathan as well as Treasurer Dato Anarul made it for the TNB and Presidents Cup Final I must add.

Back to the Razak Cup, with the event being played in the home state of the MHC President, one would have expected better from MHC since the Tournament Director saw it fit that he be appointed in June itself.

The state of affairs is appalling and the media are rightfully slighted due to lack of information trickling out from those who hold the reins of power.

A simple piece of advice, ship out since its clear you cannot shape up.