Monday, October 1, 2012


Is is not always that KLHA Secretary V.Rajamanickam can get his way as evident by the response of national team manager George Koshy on the call to call off the Razak Cup should the national team go ahead in holding a camp prior to the tournament.

For Koshy has national interest at heart even though he is the KLHA President and made a very sensible and responsible statement.

"The national team’s programme would proceed as planned because it was communicated to the MHC (Malaysian Hockey Confederation) and that’s his (Rajamanickam’s) opinion as secretary of KLHA.

“The two-day camp in Kuantan is critical to our overall preparation. The players called up have been laying tough games over five weeks and this (two-day stint) would give them a much needed recovery period,” said Koshy.

Hence the camp will proceed and Rajamanickam should now do the honorable thing by withdrawing the KL team from the Razak Cup.