Monday, October 29, 2012


The hockey scenario in the country is somewhat baffling as many things have gone unreported over the past week. And despite being away in Delhi and Amritsar, there is so much information filtering that I am surprised that no one in Malaysia has picked it up.

1) The Malaysian Project 2013 Squad was to play in an invitational tournament in India next month ( November) as are teams from Oman and Pakistan. But suddenly some smart bloke from FIH, who does not run competitions writes an email to the organisors telling them it is not being sanctioned by FIH. But wait a moment, they are all Asian countries, so why does FIH wants to poke their noses into this. Sanction should be by AHF. And if it was unsanctioned in the first place, no thanks to the HI and IHF saga created by FIH, then why did MHC accept the invite in the first place? And then the whitewomen of HI sends an email to MHC and that has leaked out to media in India.

2) On the FIH Congress, I have been left out of the list of media invited to cover the event. This blog probably gives more hockey news then the main stream media, yet the MHC have opted to leave me out of an invite. And all this despite using my email address list to notify the press. I did not even get an accreditation form.

3) Still on the FIH Congress, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah will face challenges from the Dutch, German and Russian hockey fedration President's in his quest to win a place in the FIH Executive Board. There are four candidates, vying for two positions and the Asian support is vital. But will we get the full support of the Asian countries when our neighbour down south harbours hopes of their officials taking over key positions in AHF? Ironically two Malaysians are working hand in glove with those from the south.

4) Oh yes before I forget, the FIH staff are so busy ( holidaying here as I am told there are 20 of them already in KL), that the FIH High Performance Coaching Seminar to be held during the Sultan Johor cup has been cancelled. This is, I was told, due to the fact the FIH people are busy with the Congress. So my question is, why are all of you here when you have a job to do, like running the seminar. On the Malaysian viewpoint, its an opportunity wasted especially when a Level 3 Coaching course, slated for during the Razak Cup was also called off. Mind you its three years since the last Level 3 Coaching Course. Perhaps thats a good way to emsure no one moves up.

5) This is the best, that is why I have kept it top the last. The Senior Vice President Dr. Shamala Subramaniam was elevated to the role of Project Manager for the FIH Congress on Oct 19, just before the MHC Annual general Meeting. Funny that happened at the 11th hour as Vice President Manjit Majid Abdullah was running the show for the past year. And where does the MHC Secretary Johari Aziz fits into this? Your guess is as good as mine. The morale of the story is that Shamala is after Johari's job, as is Manjit but the present Secretary General does not seem to be able to read the writing on the wall.

There you have it. Some updates for those hungry for the real hockey news. There is more, like how national coach Paul Revington is disappointed that the own goal rules were not applied at the MHL or Razak Cup, the list of the training squad of the 2013 squad - where I can reveal some players dropped previously have earned a second chance ( read the word earned as that is what Dharma practices as he does not give free rides).

Keep tuned as I bring you updates, sitting at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, praying that sanity prevails in Malaysian hockey and that Tengku Abdullah realises fact from fiction and put right the wrongs of hockey in the country.