Sunday, October 21, 2012



Spy / Spies Definition:

A person who acts clandestinely or on false pretenses to endeavour to obtain information of or within another state with the intention of communicating or selling it to others.

While the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Annual General Meeting lasted for a mere 27 minutes, there was a couple of things that were or are more interesting for readers of this blog.

News is that the Chairman of the Competitions and Finance Committees are soon to be replaced, as early as after the FIH Congress. And also be informed that newspaper adverts are soon to appear to fill up the four vacancies for administrative persons to oversee some committees, for example the appointment of a full fledged Competitions Manager and so forth.

But those are just stuff that the powers that be probably picked up from my blog posting after reminding MHC that these were long overdue, thus earning me the title of critic.

However what interest me is that there are some personalities that have now resorted to linkimg a few officials from states as my spies, that these are the people that are providing me information for my blog, that these are people closely associated with me and so forth.

This goes on to prove my allegation that there are some within the MHC President's inner circle that will go at great lengths to protect their self interest, so much so that they are willing to sacrifice even their best of friends.

The allegation that I have spies is an insult to me, as what you people in MHC do is crystal clear for all to see, you are so poor in acrrying out your responsibilities that you do not even know what is right and wrong.

There are several incidents over the past week that has led me to believe that the MHC President is now totally convinced that I am out just to find fault and the enemy number 1 to MHC. Not that it makes much a difference to me.

One of the incidents I wish to share is when our paths crossed before the MHC AGM, and my attempted handshake was met with a cold stare, venom in his eyes.

And a few minutes later he passed by me, with the same cold stare, asking if I wanted to interview him. When I replied that a press conference was planned after the AGM, he stared and remarked, you and I need to talk, we have to sort things out.

I have no problems meeting up with the MHC President but I am constantly told by those around him that I am not welcomed. So be it then was my retort as too many half truths are deemed truths as well.

I have time and again highlighted the misgivings of hockey and other sports in the country and that will remain. No coercian, threats nor warnings will make me change my principles as what we need is honest, conviction and above all those who are prepared to serve without fear or favour.

Thus to those who risked being branded as spies for being associated with me, its best that you just ignore me when our paths cross, for I rather lose a friend that my principles.


Kuantan must be a lucky hunting ground for Terengganu as they defeated defending champions Kuala Lumpur 2-1 in the semi final;s of the 50th Tun Razak Cup.

It was in July that Terengganu had defeated KL in the final of the Malaysia Games and they repeated the feat with a commanding display.

And Pahang made it an all East Coast affair in the final as they came from a goal down to defeat former champions Negeri Sembilan 3-2.

Negri Sembilan opened scoring in the 11th minute through a penalty stroke after his initial attempt via a penalty corner struck defender Ahmad Kazamirul Nasruddin.

But Pahang were on level terms when Hairul Nizam Abdul Rani scored off a penalty corner in the 21st minute as Neger keeper Azrul Hairi Abdul, playing in place of S. Kumar, made a hash of his attempt to parry the ball away with his gloves.

Ikhwan Ishak could have given Negri the lead at the stroke of halftime but sent his shot wide after being put through by M.Kaliswaran.

Pahang staved off a penalty corner by Kuhan in the 51st minute and the ball was sent to the right flank where Mohd Sabri Shamsuddin weaved past two defenders before unleashing a sweet reverse stick hit to put Pahang 2-1 ahead in the 52nd minute.

Hairul Nizam scored in the 65th minute to give Pahang a 3-1 lead and although Kuhan scored in the 70th minute, Pahang were still celebrating.

Meanwhile Terengganu led Kuala Lumpur 1-0 in the first half thanks to the efforts of Faisal Saari who scored in the 30th minute via a penalty corner.

KL drew level in the 50th minute through Yazid Yusof. But Terengganu were undeterred as they got the winnrer in the 60th minute through Mohd Fitri Saari.