Friday, October 12, 2012

Ha ha ha

First it was bad enough that the Tun Razak Cup fixtures were poorly drawn up. And this fact was highlighted by this blog two days ago. That obviously has riled up some people who are now going at great lengths to ensure this blog is curtailed.

Instead of trying to rectify the mistakes, the great Tournament Director is now seeking ways to ensure that this blogger does not get access to provide coverage for the Razak Cup.

Sometimes I wonder if this personality realizes that what is spoken will ultimately comeback to me, and that goes on to show his mentality towards the sport.

Firstly TD, you have to understand that we live in a country that gained independence 55 years ago and it was through sheer hard work of our forefathers, and as such there is such a thing as a freedom of speech. If you cannot accept anyone being critical, then please leave. No one held you to ransom to do this job and infact your fought tooth and nail to ensure you were appointed, that too I believe at a meeting that did not have the necessary quorum.

The Razak Cup is in its 50th edition and ask anyone, except yourself, there has never been a need for accreditation, unless of course you now OWN the Razak Cup.

Secondly if you are so good, then why is it that NO fixtures have been circulated to the media and not even one article has appeared in any print media until Friday, 11th October?

Thirdly, it takes a coward to try attempt the truth from being told and your attempt to introduce accreditation, or at least attempting to do so speaks volumes of ignorance to the fact that hockey is losing out to other sports and your vain attempt will make no difference to me.

My challenge is simple, go ahead and stop me from entering the stadium when I am in Kuantan this Sunday. You have just stirred a hornets nest and be prepared to face the consequences.