Monday, October 1, 2012


At times I do wonder if communicating with officials from the Malaysian Hockey Confederation in English is a mistake.

This comes about after I received an email from the MHC Secretary that invited me to a meeting of the Organising Committee for the FIH Congress scheduled for October 3.

I had written an email to MHC the last time I was invited to such a meeting, that was held on September 23, that I was not in any way involved in matters related to the FIH Congress and he duly acknowledged receipt of the email.

To clarify things, I was appointed in June to handle Media and the preparation of the Souvenir Program but was replaced as Media Officer in July, and told it was on "Titah Tuanku". Hence I declined the souvenir program job as well as they were inter related.

So it comes as a surprise that MHC keeps sending me emails for meetings when I have made it crystal clear that I am not available.

But please feel free to continue reading this blog on run up to the FIH Congress and what is really in store and the lobbying that is going on.