Friday, October 5, 2012


 It is to be the 50th edition of the Tun Razak Cup but the manner in which the Malaysian Hockey Confederation has treated it is akin to a sham.

For the MHC Secretariat stands accused of being selective as to whom they release the fixtures of the tournament and its Secretary is probably after self glory in not informing anyone of the sponsorship presentation ceremony.

A news portal was given the fixtures and were the only ones present for the sponsorship handing over ceremony.

And what is worse is it was only on Monday that the MHC Technical Committee of its Competition Committee held a meeting to finalize matters on the Razak Cup and yet the Secretary did not deem it fit to hold the sponsorship ceremony then.

It's gets better ( pardon the pun ) for it was decided more then a month ago the names of the Technical Officials ( Sept 1 to be precise ) yet no appointment letters were sent out.

It is clear that even the Senior VP who represents the women faction in MHC could not care less on the welfare of her officials as she was the first to accede to a request to remove the women Technical Officials for the Razak Cup, all due to a question of accommodation, sheer apathy.

So why hide the fixtures? When this blogger requested a copy from the MHC Assistant Secretary and asked why it was not emailed to media, she just shrugged her shoulders.

Perhaps the MHC staff were too busy sorting out their own T Shirts and keeping them aside before the Razak Cup gets underway.

There is a Chinese proverb that in a fish the rot starts from he head.