Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Well it's 3.30am on Wednesday morning and just looked at the MHC Website to find out the score of the Malaysia v Canada match at the Champions Challenge.

As expected there was no result but what was more baffling was the fact that there was a banner stating that Malaysia v Canada was at 12.00 midnight and not at 10pm which was the actual playing time of the match.

So not only do they not provide info as is expected of them but also mislead the Malaysian public with childish errors like this. And this when Malaysia is doing well and giving all fans the feel good factor that football has denied the sports loving Malaysians.

So back to the fact, did we win, what's our position, who do we play in the last eight?

Am sure MHC will lift it from the papers with regards to the match v Canada but even they will not have the fixtures for the last eight.

PS: We beat Canada 4-2, goals by Razie, Tengku Ahmad, and the Saari brothers Faisal and Fitri. And we play South Africa in knockout stage, simple but when others are in slumberland, a blogger takes the trouble to keep you informed.

Signing off at 3.39 Malaysia where ever you are...