Sunday, November 25, 2012


The great lady Senior Vice President has said that Media Relations for the tournaments should not be given to this blogger as there are many others who can do it.

Well, what has happened to your website of MHC that you are running? How is it that you clamoured to have your so called webmaster at the SOJC when she did not have the courtesy to even apply for Media Accreditation.

And why is the MHC website just lifting stories from the newspapers? Can't construct a sentence is it?

The national ladies team are playing in Perth. Why has nothing been written about this?

The national senior team is in Argentina, so where are the updates?

The National Under 14 team tournament has been going on in Seremban, not a day where MHC website has provided news to the media.

I love competition, but Senior VP, I have seen people like you come and go, all claiming that they are doing things for the interest of hockey.

I have no time to serve MHC with personalities like you around, let it be known to you and the MHC President.