Saturday, November 24, 2012


There is no doubt that malaysia is facing a shortage of umpires, so much so that during national tournaments MHC finds it tough to provide 18 umpires for a tournament.

Any yet we go about trying to develop umpires from Singapore on the pretext of having signed an MOU that many have not seen.

During the Under 14 tournament an umpire from Singapore was seen officiating together with 12 other local umpires, five of whom were either Grade 1 or 2.

Now if there is an MOU, why were the Singapore umpires not at the MHL or at the Razak Cup?

It is learnt that a select few Malaysian umpires are sent to Singapore to officiate in 6 a side tournaments and a couple of league matches.

Reciprocal means the same level so have we sent a 16 year old to umpire in the Singapore League since they sent us a 16 year old for our U14.

Are we developing our own or are we helping develop Singapore umpires.  What is the rationale when even at international scene they have not only umpires but even more highly qualified technical officials when its obvious that Malaysia hosts more domestic and international events.

The grape vine has it that some Malaysians have a policy of you scratch mine and I scratch yours so as to please personalities across the causeway and treat their own as stepchildren.
And we thought that Malaysia was liberated in 1957.