Thursday, November 29, 2012


Unknown to many as MHC failed to send out fixtures, the veterans tournament is being held in Alor Star from today till Sunday.

A total of eight teams are participating and these are the morning results.

Kedah 4 Pahang 0.
KL 1 Perak 0.
NS 1 Johor 0.
PDRM 3 Penang 0.

And below are the evening session results.

KL 5 Kedah 0
Perak 2 Pahang 1
PDRM 0 Johor 0
NS 3 Penang 0

Thus KL and NS have already qualified for the semis.

The other two slots will be determined at the end of Friday morning session.

Guess MHC has no time to inform media as they did not even send out the fixtures to the media.

And for info of MHC officials you have been removed from my mailing list since you deem it fit to stop sending me information and sent to a list you virtually stole from me.