Monday, November 26, 2012


Well the Senior Vice President who claims she knows best has opted to " close both eyes " in not wanting to report on the 4 defeats at the hands of the Australian Junior and Senior teams at the Lanco International Super Series held in Perth last weekend.

Well for info of readers of this blog they lost all 4 matches , 7-0 and 5-1 to the Seniors and 3-2 plus 4-0 to their U-21 side.

So selective reporting is the name of the game, no reports on our Project 2013, lifting stories from newspapers, and worst of all ignorant of covering domestic tournaments.

Moral of the story is - look before you dive, for its from a frying pan into the fire.

And she had the cheek to ask me to finalise matches against Germany next February.

Yet opts to ' baling batu sembunyi tangan'.