Tuesday, November 20, 2012


There is a senior official within Malaysian Hockey Confederation that has scant respect for the President of MHC.

For this personality, known to be power crazy and habours hopes of taking over the administration of MHC is now going around making baseless allegations and undermining the ability of the President.

For this person, who does not deserve a mention on this blog, no thanks to the kniving approach adopted has gone about claiming that this blogger was the one who prepared the presentation of Tengku Abdullah.

The fact that it is people like this official and some other henchmen have said same very nasty things about me so much so my path to even have an audience with the President has been blocked.

But I could not careless as hockey is in my blood and this personality was a mere kid when I was involved in hockey administration. 

Ironically Tengku Abdullah had merely hours before that called for all involved in hockey to close ranks. But guess it fell on deaf ears.

This person had during a group conversation labeled me as the enemy of hockey but failed to realise that the dictatorial approach initiated by this individual had turned the sport into a debacle and more is to be revealed here soon.

Guess this person/s were hurt that they were not consulted about the content. And in additional the remark that the seminar was a waste of time is uncalled for.

And what about the grammer mistakes in the appreciation letter sent by the President, who wrote that?

Let the war begin.....