Wednesday, April 18, 2012


At the time this posting was penned, I had yet to receive a reply from HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, President of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation.

It was an opportunity that the players from the national hockey team were waiting for.

An audience with the President of MHC, to voice out their frustrations, dejection and absolute disgust with the revelation made by their coach.

Though the national team started training on Monday, the attendance has been poor to say the least and in an attempt to pacify matters, the President allowed the players to voice their opinions with regards to what was their problem with the coaching aspect.

And it is learnt that many players voiced what they had kept buried deep inside and the task of " managing " the coaches is now left to George Koshy, who incidentally could not have asked for a more " poor " birthday present but to clean up a mess that he tried to avoid from day one.

The players have said their piece, so it is crystal clear that all is not well in the national team.

With no target set, anything better than the wooden spoon at next month's Azlan Shah Cup is a bonus.

But if achieved if will be due to the desire of the players, their word to the President and nothing to do with the trainings or tactical discipline or any of the reasons attributed to our exit from the Olympics.