Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Respect for any constitution can only be achieved through two things. First, the development of texts, principles, and provisions in place. 

Second, control of the non-violation of laws and regulations of articles within the Constitution. 

In other words, control of the constitutionality of laws and regulations, and the revoking of any and each article of legislation that violates provisions of the Constitution or its articles.

The Constitution  is the structure of a state and the combination of its social and legal philosophies. Therefore, it is inconceivable to leave its provisions open to interpretations and differences. 

It emphasizes "respect for the Constitution and acting upon it is necessitated by the Constitution and the existence of the state itself.

Thus it is a wonder why the Malaysian Hockey Confederation, that has within its ranks members of the royalty, a professor, several Datuk's, lawyers and top professionals pay scant respect to the very constitution that put them into office in the first place.

Let us just take a look at the breach in constitution that MHC is blatantly advocating just to serve the whims and fancies of a few officials that manipulate the provisions so serve their self interests.

Now look at the above clause and it is clear and precise. And MHC followed this to the book by appointing Dato Azmi Ahmad as the Chairman of the National Team Management Committee while S. Shamala was appointed the Chairperson of the High Performance Committee.

This is where the constitution was breached as they had appointed two non vice presidents as Chairman of the Umpires and Development Committees. For the uninitiated, MHC has a total of 10 Vice Presidents and another two Senior Vice Presidents.

And the Council failed in their duty yet again when they did not appoint the Treasurer as Chairman of the Finance Committee as stipulated in the above clause of the MHC Constitution.

Now we move on to the appointment of members of the respective Committees. The Constitution is clear on one thing, that the numbers are equal - in terms of both sexes. But it is silent with regards to the total number of members in a sub-committee.

The key word is in Clause 19.3 where it states that the appointment is the responsibility of the MHC Governing Council. Therefore the members ought to have been appointed at the MHC Council Meeting on April 10.

But it seems now Chairpersons of Committees are inviting a representative from each state to their first meeting and only then decide who the members will be. thus once again putting the cart before the horse as it never states that the members must be from the states.

The constitution is the constitution. Words mean things. MHC has simply ignored the constitutional limitations placed upon it. We now see the whirlwind such a practice reaps.

We take our word seriously. We take our constitution seriously.  We either need to amend the constitution or abide by it. There is no acceptable middle ground.

I challenge the affiliates and office bearers to make  a stand as you know what is right and wrong. However you think , the end result that we must agree is that the process be constitutional.

Stand up and be counted and demand that the constitution of MHC is either followed or changed – but not ignored.