Friday, April 27, 2012


Having read some dailies yesterday, I took the liberty of contacting two journalists to ask them why their papers had not reported on a serious injury suffered by Sebah Kari in the opening match between Malaysia and Azerbaijan at the Olympic Qualifiers in Japan.

They replied that no one told them about it. Not even the person who called them up to provide quotes for the match where Malaysia lost 0-4 despite all the talk that we would defeat the opponents.

Well today the report is out and yet this personality has shifted the blame on the National Sports Institute, claiming that the NSI official insists that the operation for the broken jaw be done in Malaysia.

Now I also contacted that NSI Director General on Thursday to enquire on the status of the player. He responded by forwarding me a SMS from his staff who is in Japan that made sense.

The operation is to be done here in Kuala Lumpur as the swelling needs to subside before the operation can be done. Thus is was better for the player to be flown back in order for her to get the best care possible.

It is and was never the intention of the medical personnel to insist, not when the all mighty S.Shamala is a Board Member of NSI.

So I hope that in future the truth be told with regards to the situation in total and correct information be disseminated to the members of the media.

We wish Sebah speedy recovery and value her sacrifices to the nation. If only her officials had been more forthcoming and honest....