Saturday, April 7, 2012


It has been an interesting two weeks in Malaysian hockey, from the time the team failed at Dublin till the sudden resignation of Mike as Secretary General.

Not only has there been a jostle for power but more interestingly a council meeting has been called for Tuesday, April 10, the first since MHC was properly formed.

At this meeting, besides filling up the vacant positions of Secretary and the not vacant post of national coach ( for Tai Beng Hai as not resigned and has a contract till December), the Chairpersons of the various Sub-Committees of MHC will be appointed.

Now there was a meeting held on February 11 where the Chairpersons were appointed, with scant respect paid to the MHC Constitution which clearly states that only the council can make such appointments.

Not only was that disregarded, but also the fact that there is only Chairpersons and not Co-Chairpersons to be appointed.

On Tuesday those who agreed with the posting on this blog and are from various state affiliates will have their chance of speaking their mind.

The question remains is are they willing to stand up for what is right or merely be yes men/women as the case has been for the past few years.

Interestingly over the past week, from my communications with key officials within MHC, there seems to be a pact amongst some to support their candidate of choice to fill up some of these positions. And what makes it more intriguing is the fact that even though some are not capable, the idea is to force these decisions onto the MHC President.

Many a time one has noticed that change is imminent for hockey to progress in the country and whole some are more passionate than others when talking about it, sadly it remains mere talk as at the MHC meetings not a word is spoken nor any objections raised when incompetent personalities are thrust to the forefront.

So it's time to speak up, if you have to scrotal gumption to do it this Tuesday or forever hold your tongue for if Malaysian hockey fails, then all those at the April 10 meeting are culpable of being the reasons behind the further demise of hockey in this country.

Note: to those who ask if my presence in Australia is to seek an Aussie coach for Malaysia, well you have shallow thinking for there are 21 officials of MHC who should be doing that task, and mind you they are all trying to out do each other.