Tuesday, April 10, 2012


That will be the appropriate manner is describing the proceedings of the first Malaysian Hockey Confederation council meeting held today ( Tuesday ).

For there were startling revelations, ranging from disregard to the constitution, a fight for the war chest and accusations against players.


That the MHC deliberately chose to ignore its own constitution by appointing two personalities that are not Vice Presidents - in the likes of Col B. Muthukumar and Ken Periera as Chairpersons of the Umpiring and Development Committee respectively. This it clearly shows the inability of the 10 Vice Presidents and two Senior Vice Presidents of shouldering the responsibility of holding two key portfolios , akin to the cabinet where the Prime Minister has to appoint Senators as most of the Members of Parliament are not able to do the job.


When the women decided to table their budget of RM1,569.495.00 to the MHC.

For when they were just MWHA, they just ran three tournaments a year but suddenly want to hold five domestic tournaments, an indoor tournament, a 4 Nation Junior Invitational and even requested for a cool RM120,000 a year for administrative matters.


The report submitted by national coach Tai Beng Hai on the failure at Dublin when in his own words and I quote:

"thereafter in 2009 and 2010 it was a period of turbulence. It was a period of fire fighting to get the house in order. The problems ranged from: missing training, faking injury, financial problem ( owing loan shark), Internet gambling, skipping gym to play kuda machine, match fixing, coming to morning training drunk, skipping training after a night out drinking, clubbing into the wee hours ( 4-5 am and sleep in the car park to joint (sic) training at 7am ), poor injury management ( injured for 1-2 years ), poor training attitude/commitment, poor fitness and strength, and in 2011 recreation drugs.

Now if we had all these problems in 2010, how did we win the silver medal at the Asian Games?

More to come as I digest the report and the MHC Council Meeting disclosures in the next few days.