Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MHC Meeting Update

As revealed by this blog on Sunday, April 8, former TNB employee Johary Abdul Aziz has been appointed at the Secretary General replacing Manjnderjit Singh who resigned at the end of March.

But while the appointment of Johary was expected, the battle for finances raged in the meeting as the women wanted a singular account for the affairs of MHC while their male counterparts were hell bent on denying them equal share of the cake.

And questions are also bring raised though through muffled voices about a certain state being given twice the amount of subsidy normally given to host a national level tournament.

It surely is getting interesting on the little Napoleon for it has now been revealed that even the provision of ball boys and refreshment for the matches against Pakistan was sabotaged by this official who questioned who was going to pay for the costs incurred. Little realizing that he is using a MHC vehicle despite not qualified and claims for service of the vehicle when even Tai Beng Hai was denied that privilege.

As of 6.25pm the meeting was still in progress, evident that MHC could not keep to time management.