Friday, April 6, 2012


It is reliably learnt that Malaysia is looking down under for a coach to chart it's fortunes for the next four years.

This blog has come to understand that an approach has been made to one coach who will be available post London Olympics and discussions are currently at its final stages.

Meanwhile the task of making it to the Junior World Cup next year has been made tougher as the International Hockey Federation has only allocated two places, minus India who qualify as hosts.

This decision was made at the FIH Executive Board Meeting in Barcelona last weekend and from the nine teams that will participate in the Junior Asia Cup in Malacca commencing May 3, only two will make it to India.

Ironically the decision of FIH was made due to the fact that Singapore had withdrawn and for a nine team competition only two places were allocated.

And what makes it more bitter is that Singapore, who has more officials at the international scene than Malaysia, had participated in the Olympic Qualifiers in India.

The Asian Hockey Federation must shoulder the blame for this as it choses to organize two tournaments so close to each other , the AHF Cup in Bangkok and the Junior Asia Cup in Malacca.

And countries such as Singapore opt for the AHF Cup knowing very well that they do not stand a ghost of a chance in Malacca.

But funny though they did not have that notion when they opted to play at the Olympic Qualifiers.