Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The last I checked, one S. Shamala was still the Senior Vice President of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation.

It is a position reserved for women as the other Senior Vice President is Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad.

So it is kind of baffling that Shamala was named as a member of the MHC Competitions Committee as well as a member of the Competition Working Committee.

Let's have a reality check here, Shamala is more senior in terms of hierarchy than Dato Abdul Rahim Ariff who is the MHC Vice President and Chairman of the Competition Committee.

So how is it that Shamala now occupies a position lower than the Vice President? How on earth can Dato Rahim instruct her when in reality she is his boss?

Coming back to the first meeting of the Competition Committee, those invited were from affiliates of MHC, so there should only be 16 men and 7 women affiliates present.

But when it came to the Council Meeting, each state sent one male and one women representative.

So in what capacity was Shamala present at the Competition Committee meeting?

And why is the Assistant Secretary of MHC, who is a lady, being sidelined?

A case of Shamala wanting the cake and eating it...