Thursday, April 26, 2012


I know nothing; I understand nothing. The world is a smouldering fire. My Lord did well to warn me about it, otherwise I would have been burnt as well. If you have a keen understanding, then do not write black marks against anyone else. Look underneath your own collar instead. Do not turn around and strike those who strike you with their fists. Kiss their feet and return home to your own home.

Those are verses from Shri Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book for the Sikhs and have cited them for some personalities that have tried to shift the blame on The Star newspaper and this blog for revealing what was written in a not so confidential report submitted by a coach of the national hockey team.

Be it with other media, players,officials or even talk shows or TV stations, the truth of the matter is there for all to see and read, if the report is made public. But what is the issue of making it public as the coach it seems has given copies to some members of the media to defend himself.

If it was a non issue, nothing should be hidden then, so why was it necessary to meet the team manager, the coach, the MHC President before actual training started? Why was there and continues to be, an attempt to say that what was reported was half truth?

I admit I never shared a cordial relationship with the coach, simply because he was never upfront and honest in many things discussed. But that is another story as I believe it was a professional duty for a coach not to desert his team at KLIA when they returned.

This episode however has made one thing clear, that friends ditch you when they want to be rubbing shoulders with the famous and important personalities. Two such persons have opted to sever ties with me and I have taken them in my stride. For I believe that they are just being emotional, as is their caoch.

Moving on if only these two and others associated with hockey in particular and sports in general knew my role in solving the recent issue between Lee Chong Wei and the NSC Director General.

Many members of the media knew and some asked me why I played cupid, given the fact that I do not share a cordial relationship with the NSC DG since two years ago.

My answer was simple, I am a Malaysian FIRST and a blogger second. It is the interest of the nation that I have at heart. 

Now if only these so-called friends could understand..