Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Malaysia is often acquainted with high standards of organization when it comes to sports events.

Thus it was downright shameful that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation was more interested in ensuring other aspects rather than the match proper between Malaysia and Pakistan at the National Hockey Stadium.

They never seem to be learning from mistakes and the presence of an international journalist from Pakistan made it even more disgusting as once again MHC failed to come out with a proper match sheet.

They have a staff who behaves like a little napoleon, behaving as if hockey owes him a living and spends most of his time bad mouthing this blog.

But little does that person realize that he is highly incompetent, plays politics and above all is downright a nuisance to hockey in this country.

His lack of knowledge he makes up with sound acting skills and many a time has been the bane at events as he creates regulations that are unheard of.

A employee should never hold MHC at ransom but such is the case as he claims to be the know all and do all, thus a tough task awaits MHC incoming Secretary General Johary Abdul Aziz.

I have known this personality since his footballing days and as the saying goes power corrupts absolutely.

Men's your ways as you will no longer enjoy your immunity I believe, unless the MHC officials live up to their role of merely being seat warmers.