Monday, May 7, 2012


It is funny when chances given are not taken, as is the case of the women counterparts of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation.

The idea of the formation of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) seem to have diverted from its original objective.

First it was the the case of Senior Vice President S. Shamala occupying a seat in the MHC Competition Committee Working Committee. That has yet to be rectified.

And last Saturday the MHC Coaching Committee met, and presto while the men had 12 states representative present, there was not a single lady representative present at the meeting which amongst others decided on the composition of the Coaching Committee.

While we will discuss the merits of some of those appointed to sit on the Working Committee in another posting, suffice to note that the women seem uninterested in whats happening to hockey in this country.

So why merge? Is it done to appease or whet the appetite of some who can be deemed as power crazy? Or is it that the women were so hard pressed for officials that they only have a handful available?

So coming back to the coaching committee, they did not discuss the national team but made one pertinent point - that coaches of all various national teams are required to submit and discuss the content of their reports at the Coaching Committee level.

The other significant change was that MHC are now seeking a Coaching Director, a full time position that will be advertised soon.

The question is what was or is the role of Stephen van Huizen? What was his job specifications if not akin to a Coaching Director?

So we shall continue to see the big ship called MHC sway from side to side. Hopefully not end up like the Titanic..