Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Malaysia is set to play host to the FIH Congress in late October, early November this year.

And there is a raging battle taking place within the Malaysian Hockey Confederation officials to chair the Organising Committee.

Initially Vice President Manjit Majid Abdullah was named as the person to pull the strings with regards to Organising the event.

Of late Senior Vice President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad seems to be extremely keen to take over or at the least ensure Manjit is not at the forefront.

And aiding Azmi achieve this is the MHC Secretary who had now become the pawn in the chess game, throwing his support towards Dato Azmi.

A rift within MHC, just as to get into the good books of the MHC President?

Well I was fortunate enough to talk to HRH Sultan Perak about the FIH Congress the other day. What Tuanku said was interesting to say the least but it was for my ears only.

But all this campaigning and killing one another in MHC is bad for hockey.

As for the Secretary, you are supposed to be an employee, so stick to that, stay clear and get your administration sorted out.