Sunday, May 27, 2012


So while the Organising Committee Secretary was out celebrating last Friday my ouster as Media Officer, the holiday mood seems to have swung over to the staff and officials of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation as well.

Not only is the MHC Secretary and his assistant here, but so are four of their staff, and they have not even sent the match sheet of the matches on Sunday to be uploaded into the website. While I have the decency to update the scores, it is really shameful that these paid staff are behaving as if hockey owes them a living.

Mind you they are on a paid holiday and seriously the Secretary has lost all control over his staff. Not only are there these four paid staff, there are also another two girls brought in to help out.

Wonder why they did not assist the media officer in charge now to co-ordinate things. The Secretary could have divided the work since he has so many staff at his disposal. Typical of poor management that MHC has become accustomed too.

And then we have the Senior Vice President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad who behaves like a demi god, changing decisions on the subsidy for states participating in the National Indoor Championships, from RM2,000 to no subsidy, to RM1,000 and now has the ceek to force states to stay in a hotel of his choice. Show of power?

There are tons of exposes as to how people make money from hockey. Be prepared to stomach it.