Monday, May 28, 2012


It is not something one wants to do, but when things get tougher, I have to carry on, no matter what some might say. We live in a materialistic world, one that the stakeholders of hockey could not care less to the image of the country, as we grapple trying to understand why people who really should be serving hockey are demanding that hockey serves them.

Imagine the MHC staff holding the OFFICIAL website to ransom by not even emailing the match sheets of the matches as they normally do. But we aim to soldier on, though we will not be wring match reports, we intend to scan copies of the match sheets and then put them on the website. It reflects badly on MHC, but they do not care. But we care for the image of HRH and the country.

Thus it was heart warming to receive twitter messages of support from hockey fans all over thw world for using my private twitter to keep them updated with regards to the Sulan Azlan Shah Cup. Below are some of the tweets for the benefit of the readers of this blog.

Btw a real shambles as far as web coverage is concerned - is our only hope for live coverage!

Really appreciate your live commentary, Sir! :D hope we win our remaining matches!

Yo haría un abrazo imaginario en honor a , ante todo un trabajador.
Gaston Saiz @ gastonsaiz

HockeyMobileOK @ @ HockeyDelivery I would hug imaginary @ SatwantDhaliwal honor above all a worker. # queremospreguntar

La cara de resignación del ex jefe de prensa lo dice todo en su avatar. En la interna malaya, yo estoy con é


Gaston Saiz @ gastonsaiz

The face of resignation of former chief press @ SatwantDhaliwal says it all in your avatar. In the domestic Malaysian, I am with é

Appreciate you doing commentary, I hope the matter with MHC settles soon.

Sitting at Helsinki Airport and following to get live scores from India VS. GB Azlan Shah match