Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is dedicated to those who held premature celebrations in Ipoh after I had withdrew my services as media officer for the Azlan Shah Cup having been threatened with bodily harm by a MHC official.

While all of you resorted through blogs to get where you are, you fail to realise that one day you will make a mistake that will ultimately bring you to ground.

The website has hourly hits of 25000 and a twitter following of 1700, far more then the sham some are pulling with the so called MHC and 1MAS sites that are a bigger shame then what this official did and said.

This blog will continue to reveal what transpires in the world of hockey without fear or favour.

So be prepared to cut your celebrations short and resort to threatening and bad mouthing as that is all these people are capable off.

In glory one flies high but when they fall, it will be with a thud. Some claim that Malaysian hockey is a result of their success, so they should now aim for bigger things.

And by the way I am still in Ipoh and will be at the stadium as I await the threat to be made good, I dare you to do what you say and not resort to let running dogs do your dirty work through the Internet.

A bigger agenda is what the story is but it is in the best interest that I just will wait and see.