Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Having seen or read all the praises and glorified words, articles and statements made by some main stream media ( ironically some by those who were not even physically present at matches) I will now reveal some startling news with regards to the Junior Asia Cup win in Malacca last Sunday.

Due to the poor, or as some say totally lack of security, five players of the cup winning squad lost their hockey sticks when fans thronged the pitch upon the final whistle.

This fact was confirmed by coach K.Dharmaraj who was flabbergasted that these so-called fans preyed on the equipment of the players.

"I sensed trouble and removed my phone and wallet from my bag when I saw the crowd spill onto the pitch," recalled Dharma.

"Whole we appreciate that the fans wanted to share their joy, a few of them took advantage of the situation and stole some of the sticks, with one players losing his entire stick bag.

"These are sticks that the players bought and my heart goes out to them as these days sticks are costly and these ate not players that are sponsored by equipment companies."

While the issue of lack of security is a serious matter, to steal from those who are now considered national heroes is a shameful and degrading act.

It is learnt that the average price of the sticks stolen ranged from RM700 to RM1,000.

Hence this blog welcomes contributions from hockey fans/officials or suppliers to do our bit by replacing the equipment lost by the players.

Any individual/cooperation can contact this blogger should you want to help the players.