Tuesday, May 29, 2012


That the National Indoor Championships both for men and women will be held in Ipoh?

You want more details? Well go to the MHC website that is asleep as is it's administration.

All I can tell you is this - that HRH Sultan of Perak has consented to donate two glittering trophies for the winner of both the men and women categories.

And as additional information - that states were treated like a Yo-Yo by the Senior Vice President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad on the question of subsidy - from RM2,000 to zero, to RM1,000 to zero to hotel rooms to zero to RM2,000.

Confused, well this is what you get when you give someone power so much so he forgets his roots.

That Malaysia is now going to bid to host the Asia Cup next year that has been awarded to Singapore is another aspect that is now being actively pursued.

The question that begs to be asked is just what were the likes of Dato Nur Azmi, Dato Abdul Rahim Md Ariff and Prof S. Shamala doing sitting on the AHF Council letting slip a chance to organize this important event that determines a spot in the 2014 World Cup.

And yes before I forget, I could not be reinstated as Media Officer as the Information Department Director is excited on going on stage to receive the souvenir from HRH Sultan of Perak this Friday. This was communicated to me by Dato Rahim. To hell with the website and twitter and the souvenir program book that I produced and they have yet to honour the payment, as it's more important going on stage. ( care to have my souvenirs for the last two years as well)

Additionally there is this tournament called RNA Cup, which as it stands now is the ladies akin to Razak Cup. But the entire MHC office is in Ipoh,on holiday I repeat and the Tengku Mahkota Pahang claims they have merged as the ladies are left to fend on their own .

Want to know more, go ask the Secretary of MHC who spends more time in Ipoh bad mouthing me.

And it seems the DBI enforcement officers who were not properly briefed not to allow non media personnel into the off limits area have now been properly briefed not to allow me near the grandstand, not even to pee. Shows how insecure some people are.