Sunday, May 20, 2012


They may have changed their name, but the manner hockey is administrated remains the same as these days the constitution is hardly the guiding beacon in terms of decisions made, for it is replaced by two words - " titah Tuanku".

That is the catch phase as every decision made is laced with " titah Tuanku", and I must say that I am skeptical about the whole thing as the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah seems to be fast in catching up on matters concerning hockey.

So why do certain, and I must repeat certain and not most, use the words " titah Tuanku" to drive home a point? Is it because they feel that by uttering " titah Tuanku" no one will dare question the decision they make or the point that they want to drive home?

Not only is it resorting to " titah Tuanku" but ignoring the constitution and changing decisions made by the MHC Council is something that these two officials - who are the consultants/advisors/right hand men as they say they are, mislead others in their quest to win the trust of the President.

Tengku Abdullah should realize that he is as good as the people who surround him and at the moment it is people who surround him that are not good enough as all they care is their interest and not that of hockey.

An incident that occurred yesterday proves to me that the power struggle and double standards practiced are down right stinking and if left unchecked, hockey will suffer.

Imagine a senior official of MHC saying that certain payments cannot be made because the MHC Management ( even got that wrong as its the Executive Board now) had not sat and discussed or approved it when it had been agreed on by the old MHF Council last August.

My question is simple - did the Dublin Tour approval ever tables at his so called Management Meeting as it was public funds no matter the fact that it was sponsored as the money was banked into the MHC account?

Why are decisions these days made based on installing fear by using " titah Tuanku"?

Care to clarify this Tuanku? Or would you continue listening to these officials who fill your mind with venom against me so much so that you keep asking repeatedly why this blog is so much against MHC?

It's the love for the sport that drives me to question things. For Tengku Abdullah has to weed out if his trusted lieutenants are there to serve hockey or let hockey serve them?