Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Rana Mujahid of Pakistan is a man of few words. But after Pakistan had destroyed Sri Lanka with a 14-0 margin to top the group and avoid hosts Malaysia in the semis, Rana opened up and stated that they were hell bent on avoiding Malaysia.

Finishing on top of the group gave them satisfaction on two fronts, that they had finished ahead of India in their group and also qualified for the 2013 Junior World Cup.

Watch the video as Rana speaks on the respect they have for the Koreans, the semis opponents.

Meanwhile Malaysia were dealt with a severe blow when their attempt to move their semi final fixture from 1735H to 2005H was denied by the Tournament Director after consulting the other three teams in the semis.

While Korea had no objection, Pakistan had wanted to seek consent from their Secretary General Asif Bajwa while India flatly refused the request, which was made to ensure that the public could make it to the stadium to watch the match and enable it to be telecast live.

It was hockey's loss actually as its not easy to get matches live on TV.