Saturday, December 1, 2012


There has been much talk that Malaysia's good show so far will enable them to break into the top 12 of World Rankings.

But even if Malaysia win the Champions Challenge, they are unlikely to move from their current 13th rank.

Malaysia has 1188 points prior to the CC1 and the other three teams in the semis are with a total of 1690 Korea, 1492 Argentina and 1013 for Ireland.

And South Africa who are in 12th spot have a total of 1305 points.

With a total of 190 points for the Champions, the best Malaysia can end up is with 1378 points.

That will put us 73 points infront of South Africa but with the team finishing last in the CC1 netting 110 points, we will not be able to overtake South Africa.

If its any consolation we will not be displaced fron our 13 spot now held.