Friday, December 28, 2012


After having coached the national team for the past three months, Paul Revington has made an impression with his result orientated style.

A bronze medal finish at the AHF Champions Trophy, equalling the feat of Ordos last year, coming on the heels of an impressive outing at the Champions Challenge in Argentina has given the South African a renewed sense of optimism as to what the national team can achieve.

He spent some time replying to questions posed by this blog before flying of to Cape Town to spend a much deserved break with his wife Sandy and the family.

Read what he shares exclusively with this blog: 

Malaysian Hockey: Your overall assessment on the performance of the team? 

Revs: We scored 20 goals in 6 games (could have been more had we not battled with PC's in game versus Oman on bumpy surface) - so pleased again with that aspect to go with 22 from Champions Challenge 1. There is still lots of work to be done in attack and defence - but pleased with the speed of improvement made inside of 4-5 weeks of actual training time with squad. 
Malaysian Hockey: Any players that impressed you? 

Revs: Several - just not wanting to name them separately to the Team/Squad. 
Malaysian Hockey: What makes the team tick, adapt to new style fast? 

Revs: I think the new adaptations to the already existing Malaysian style are difficult not to like and/or embrace as a player. It just involves the next level of current evolution in the game. The Leaders in the Squad have played a big part as has all the support staff. 
Malaysian Hockey: The plans for January and February, any matches or tours lined up? 

Revs: I am in the process of getting these established and can't confirm any games/tours - although there are several lined up. I am wanting the squad to take a break until around mid January 2013 as their bodies (and minds) must be rested before we start the next 8-9 month season. 
Malaysian Hockey: Any changes to be made to squad of 30? Who from reserve list of 8 likely to be drafted in? 

Revs: Any official changes only made after the next MHL round. Players could be requested to train with the Squad as additions - this could include players from the 8 attachment squad or from the National U21 Squad.