Monday, December 10, 2012


‘Tindakan pelik, bodoh’

“HUKUMAN penggantungan satu perlawanan ke atas Faizal Saari adalah satu keputusan yang pelik dan bodoh.”

Demikian nada berang keluar dari mulut pengendali Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Nor Saiful Zaini Nasiruddin selepas menyaksikan tonggak utamanya, Faizal tidak dapat diturunkan pada perlawanan separuh akhir pertama Piala TNB menentang Sapura, hari ini.

Penyerang kelahiran Terengganu itu yang juga penyerang utama kebangsaan, dilayang kad kuning pada perlawanan terakhir liga menentang Kelab Hoki Kuala Lumpur.

Those are the words allegedly uttered by former national hockey coach Nor Saiful Zaini Nasaruddin during the TNBMHL somewhere in October related to an incident where Faisal Saari was suspended for a match for collecting demerit points ( which I must say is an outdated system).

On November 25, at the MHC Competitions Committee Meeting, it was decided that disciplinary action, or something akin to it be initiated against Nor Saiful, an afterthought of more then 45 days as the alleged incident occurred on October 4.

Nothing happened after the November 25th meeting until it was revisited at the MHC Competitions Committee Meeting on December 8. And it seems a letter ought to have been dispatched to Nor Saiful, do not have details if it is a show cause or refering the coach to the Disciplinary Board.

Now lets look at this, both from procedural as well as logical aspecyts.

Firstly why was there no show cause letter issued by the Tournament Director and his Technical Committee when they statement was made?

Secondly there was no Tournament Director report submitted at the Competitions Committee Meeting on November 25, with the exception of just the results. There is a prescribed form for the Tournament Director Report.

Thirdly, has the time frame lapsed?

And talking about making statements in the media that can be construed as bringing the game into disrepute, shall we list down just four incidents where 4 officials of MHC are guilty of doing the same?