Friday, December 21, 2012


Another win and three points are expected to be on the card tonight when Malaysia takes on Oman in the AHF Champions Tropy at Doha.

Still smarting from their 4-1 win over Japan, Malaysia really should have no problems winning all three points and scoring goals to ensure a healthy goal difference that could well decide the positions at the end of the preliminary round.

Malaysia started off with Roslan Jamaluddin in goal and a back four comprising of Faiz Helmi, Mohd Razie Rahim, Azlan Misron and Nor Faeez Ibrahim.

The midfield trio were Shahrun Nabil, Fitri Saari and Mohd Marhan Jalil with Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin Tg Jalil, Faisal Saari and Hafifihafiz Hanafi leading the onslaught for goals. But there was plenty of action on the sidelines as coach Paul Revington made substitutions at regular intervals.

"The newer players blended in well and made solid contributions throughout.  Though we had eight new members to the team, it did not make any effect on playing style," said Revs. 

" I would have liked more penetration into 23m for the possession we had - but that is certainly down to new team blending together. 

"In addition I would have liked to score some more opportunities that we created - we were a bit careless at times."

On today's match against Oman, Revs had this to say:
" Oman is another game and more improvements to be made. The video will lead us."

For the record Pakistan blanked Oman 8-3 in their match last night.