Friday, December 21, 2012


The above two pictures tell the tale of the tape, so as to speak.

The top picture shows stats of this blog, a total of 2,805 page views for December 20 alone. On an average I get more then 40,000 page views per month. Remember this blog is self funded with no revenue.

The second picture shows the pride of Malaysian Hockey Confederation, where money is no issue, and experts in the field of Computer Science spearheading it. Visitors were a mere 336 yesterday, with a total of 5,015 so far this month.

Let us now take a look at the Under 16 National Championships that concluded yesterday and the Return of Investment that sponsors got out of it. Virtually zero as not one paper provided coverage of the tournament and not one picture bearing the sponsors appeared on the MHC website.

Stats do not lie and when even the media shun the event, one has to take stock of the situation, come down from the pedestal and start doing things the sensible way. In the end its hockey that will suffer and power means zilch when it comes to justifying the requirements of a sponsor.

Another matter is the abuse of the MHC twitter account, projecting certain teams and certain individuals. This is pure abuse of position and on the MHC website the pictures of players in action is conspicously missing.

Always remember one thing, that the officials cannot exist if there are no players. So time to get off the horses you are on, step onto earth and start learning to be humble.