Friday, December 28, 2012


At times, or rather most of the time, the MHC administration is accused of being so slow in acting on matters.

But take a look at the circular they sent out on the 2013 Malaysian Hockey League. Yup you read it right, the letter is dated January 1, 2013 but was emailed out today.

And that is not all, the circular is so shallow that a club actually emailed asking the following questions, which are valid points.

How many teams to play in Premier and Div 1

Which are team to play in Premier

How will the game be played –home and away or only at KL

Games to play only on weekend or even during normal days

What is the subsidy for the Premier Div Team

What is the subsidy for the Div One team

Price money for each category

Umpiring improvement plan, same as this year or we have any changes such as video or third umpire as reference

Media publicity for the participating teams

Players insurance due to injury during game

Who will sit in the organizing committee, will the team repsentitive will be included in the organizing committee

What is the plan for MHC to make this tournament the success one

Plans to attract crowd to watch games, we r playing in empty stadium

Medical assistance for teams from MHC

Will this league be better league than the last few previous year or just another calendar date to fulfill.

Ironically that is not all the inadequate issues the circular is guilty of for it is mentioned that each club will receive the RM2,000 as subsidy for using the sponsors logo. But whatever happened to the RM2,000 for the 2012 season which teams have yet to receive till today?

The President of MHC Tengku Abdullah promised a revamped MHL, but what the clubs are getting is recycled circulars as the Competitions Committee under the new leadership of M. Gobinathan seems to have gone into a slumber if they are dishing out re-runs.

The MHL is a marketable product but when you let personalities that could not care less about the sport, then you get have baked ideas as well.

Over to you President, live up to your word of improving the MHL. These questions beg for an answer and there are more then doubts your people know what they are saying right now.,