Monday, December 10, 2012


 It seems now that a letter of commitment from the National Sports Council is merely a piece of worthless paper.

This comes about with the refusal of MHC to pay a subsidy of RM1,000 each to the 13 teams that participated in the National Under 14 Tournament in Seremban last month.

Each of the teams were promised RM3,000 each as a subsidy towards defraying their cost of participation. Beale committed 2,000 while NSC was to provide RM1,000 and another RM1,000 to the four semi finalists.

The irony of the whole matter is that MHC only made an application to NSC five days before the event got underway. Though NSC gave a commitment and approval letter, MHC refused to advance the subsidy to the teams.

And the Competitions Committee was told last Saturday that the money will only be paid when NSC makes payment.

NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong was naturally peeved at the turn of events.

"There is a process that takes place in releasing the payment and I am surprised that MHC does not want to advance the payment. After all they made a late application and now lay the blame on us, " said Dato Seri Zolkples.

"Frankly MHC should answer why they applied late for our contribution and not mislead their affiliates."

While MHC struggles with its poor administration and internal war lord fighting, it's the affiliates that continue to face the wrath of all of the incompetency .

Return later for another two cases of subsidies being flaunted by high handed officials in MHC.