Monday, December 10, 2012


After highlighting the issue of the unpaid subsidies that irked the National Sports Council, a far bigger blooper is now revealed.

The TNBMHL commenced in September with the final being played in October. Each team was compelled to wear the logo of the MHL on the front and in accordance wth the rules and regulations of the MHL, the teams were to receive RM2,000 each as subsidy.

However this blog can now reveal, having sought confirmation from clubs in the Premier and First Division of the MHL, that none of them received the subsidy, despite reminding the MHC several times.

So much so that one club claimed that they consider the subsidy as a donation to MHC since the national body could not even keep up to its word.

All that talk that moves are in place to take MHC to a more professional outfit could well be a Red Herring given that even simple things like this cannot be resolved.