Thursday, December 6, 2012


Kuala Lumpur made a fuss when Negri Sembilan hosted the National Under 14 last month and went to the media citing poor scheduling and pitch conditions as their main concern.

Somehow they seem to have forgotten all that when the fixtures of the Women national Under 16, hosted by them were drawn up.

For not only do teams have to play at 10.00am and 3.00pm matches, but Pahang who are in the same Group as KL have to play all their fixtures at 3.00pm. Now that is what one calls unfair as well.

With 11 teams taking part, the the distribution of groupings should be FIVE in Group A and SIX in Group B, as per the normal practice. But it was the other way around.

On top of that there was an open draw for the National Under 14, but it seems to be a hush hush job in this case. Wonder who was the brilliant personality who decided to keep this under the radar.

Does anyone want to own up?

Another thing, since we are hell bent on trying to please FIH, especially that Senior VP. What say you about the FIH Pitch Update released last week?

The KPM Pitch approval has lapsed ( SEE IMAGE ABOVE). So how is it that the tournament is to be held there?