Saturday, December 8, 2012


We were humoured by The Three Stooges in the mid 70's and lately those who watch Hindi movies will recollect the laughter dished out by the movie The Three Idiots.

Now this blog will humour readers with a fairy tale that will feature three comical characters called Nobody, Wannabe and Loud Mouth.

In a land not so far far away, the trio were brought together not through fate but by their levels of stupidity..

Though differing in names, education and intelligence, they had one thing in common, they dared dream big, thinking of others in the world as idiots, rather then taking a look at a mirror and see who the real idiots were.

Lets introduce the main character, Wannabe. This character is manipulative, capable of selling out anyone just for position. An idiot nonetheless who loves making false promises and above all loves power.

Then we have Loud Mouth who loves to bark all the time, hence the moniker Loud Mouth, forever complaining akin to a dog trying to bite his own tail.

And finally Nobody, a character thrust into limelight by accident and who loves being in control, although unable to to hold a conversation without scheming.

These three newly found friends struck gold, and with the escalating price of that sparkling metal, all three wanted to keep it for themselves.

So Wannabe and Nobody decided to make use of Loudmouth in a unique way, getting Loudmouth to go around telling everyone that they had struck gold as obviously they knew that no one will believe Loud Mouth who often let's out a red herring ( never telling the truth or in other words the boy who cried wolf ).

Unknown to Loud Mouth, Wannabe and Nobody were scheming behind his back to sell the gold and pocket the profits, thus leaving Loud Mouth out.

But while the duo were into their plan, what they did not realize was that Loud Mouth had made a pack with thrives to rob Wannabe and Nobody of the gold when they moved it out of the mine.

Confused... Well if you thought I was talking hockey, you have a shallow mind, just like Wannabe and Nobody, with Loud Mouth walking off into wilderness to scheme his theft.

To be continued..... Drama Mah, does not reflect anyone living or dead....