Sunday, December 9, 2012


It is a disgraceful and shameless act to accuse someone of something he has not done. But that is the type of reactionb that I have become accustomed too over the years as my detractos resort to using underhand tactics in trying to shut me or get back at me.

At the MHC Competitions Committee Meeting on Saturday, two members - namely S. Shamala and B. Muthukumar accused my brother, stopping short of actually naming him, of being the source that leaked information pertaining to matters discussed at the meeting held on November 25 in Seremban.

It was shameful to accuse a man that has undergone so much personal problems over the past week, one who lost grandchildren and was still in mourning. Jusvir has done so much for the Committee, at times even I tell him to slow down due to his age and family commitments.

Well to make it simple Jusvir has submitted his resignation as a Member of the Competition Committee to the Chairman M. Gobinathan. And I respect Jusvir for having the courage to do so. Now if these two members cannot substantiate the allegations against Jusvir, will they have the guts to resign as well?

It is clear that these two, and the MHC Secretary Johari Abdul Aziz, have an agenda against me but trust them to attack members of my family to try to stop me from highlighting their faults. If they have any principles, then come take on me, rather then opting for underhand tactics that not only are demeaning but also shows their lack of courage.

I gave Johari the benefit of doubt, giving him the due respect one would accord a person of his age. But it is clear that Johari is no friend, for he is now on the bandwagon in a quest to try and destroy me.

What these two individuals fail to realise is that MHC has lost a dedicated member, one that does not discuss hockey matters with me, be it in a formal or informal manner. Who will you accuse next - Satish Kumar, M. Selvanathan or V. Raja Manickam? Or even the Chairman Gobinathan himself?

From a Senior Vice President to a minute clerk, is that what MHC is made off? Grow up and learn to respect the views of others. I have not stooped as low as you have. And all this for highlighting the truth.

Since now Muthu has jumped on the bandwagon, together with Johari, lets have some fun shall we.

I gave my word to MHC President Tegku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to help hockey and not belittle MHC as an organisation. But when the trio have stooped so low Tuanku, I have no choice but to drag MHC through the mud.

These three opted to drag my brother and victimised him, so I shall not stop highlighting the flaws of MHC.

And yes Johari, I am watching you so stop your games with me.