Friday, December 14, 2012


Seems like the new coaching set up of the national senior squad have imposed a gag order on the members of the national team.

Several players contacted were reluctant to be interviewed over the phone and in return asked this blogger to come to the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil where they could be interviewed in the presence of the coaches.

While this cautious approach may have its merits, in the long term it is the sport that will lose out, as evident in the National Under 16 Tournament where some who claim to know it all, akin to the saying Jack of all trades but master of none, could not get the stories into the main stream media and sports websites as well as blogs.

It is indeed a shame if Revington and Arul have imposed such conditions on the players, and from what is learnt this is not the only rule that has irked the players.

On another note, it is also learnt that a member of the national training squad went to Hong Kong to play in an invitational tournament thus missing out on a chance to play in the AHF Champions Trophy in Doha next week.

Was there a need to protect the players when rightfully he should have been shown the door for ignoring national duty.

Well I do not have time to go to the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil unlike journalists that receive mileage, nor can I rely on any employer to send me to Doha to get an answer and see in person how the players perform.

But a far bigger story is about to be revealed soon, something that could well irk many a coach in Malaysia.